At least 3 HD cameras and strategically placed audio recorders will capture your dance show at its best. The show can then be purchased with ease through our easy to order secure shop once completed. That means you, as the dance school principal concentrates on your show.

  • 25 minimum units to be sold – If you school has less than 50 students please contact
  • 2-4 HD cameras
  • Sound feed from desk, stage and ambient mics
  • 1 complimentary DVD, VOD & Digital Download
  • Watch the show anytime, anywhere in full HD on your phone, tablet or PC
  • Android and IOS apps
  • Camerman has enhanced DBS and is a Licensed Volunteer Chaperone¬† – West Sussex CC ID: 304
  • Book Filming and Photos and get the UKs top live dance photographer Fiona Whyte for a discounted price

Please fill in our booking enquiry form for availability